Saturday, June 14, 2014


As I've already established Peyton LOVES nursery at church. He cries when we pass the church and it's not Sunday because he wants to go so badly. He always runs to the nursery door before sacrament meeting to try to break the doors down so he can get in, he cracks me up! This is a photo Aaron snapped of one of Peyton's first weeks...he was SO ready for snack time.

The Louisville Zoo

There are a few things I like about Louisville. One of my top three is the Zoo. The Zoo is fantastic and not to mention ten minutes from our house! Peyton loves the area were the kids can pet goats, although I think he secretly wishes he was petting the elephants. These pictures are particularly cute because I was trying to teach Peyton that he should only pet the goats on the back. He really loved touching their ears and when he thought I wasn't looking he would gently touch and rub their ears. Once he realized I was looking he quickly started petting their backs again. Haha...what a sneaky little turkey!


When I was pregnant with Peyton I remember being really fatigued first trimester but over all it was a total breeze! Not so with this pregnancy! I was SO sick for 17 weeks and once the throwing up was over I have just been achy and exhausted 24/7! I guess it makes a difference that I have the world's most active (but cutest) 23 month old. I have a lot of mixed emotions now that I only have 5 weeks until my due date. One side of me just wants my normal body back (tired of constant braxton hicks contractions, not being able to breath, oh and I'd like my six pack back to please) and to not be pregnant only more. The other side of me remembers all to clearly the harsh fact that tacking care of an infant is exhausting (and now with a toddler in the mix...gah!). What was I thinking! Side funny Dr. told me in 30 years of practice he had never had a woman in her third trimester who he had to dig through ab muscles to find her uterus and the baby...I guess all those gym visits and eating healthy have paid off... I can't believe in five weeks I'll have another one of these cute things...Is it possible to be so excited and yet so terrified all at the same time? I guess it is...

Radmall Make Overs...

Aaron is so good looking no makeover was necessary for him but Peyton and mom needed to re-do the 'do'. Peyton is sure looking old (and I'm sure as soon as teeny tiny Maddox comes along he will look even older) with his buzz cut, while mom tried out an ombre.

Baby Maddox Coming July 2014...

Peyton is going to be a BIG brother to a little brother! Here is Maddox's first close up! Good Looking already.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

These Days Peyton...

These days the little man is sure a MAN! He is not a baby any more! Hands down 18 months until the current 20 months of age have been my favorite age to mother a child. He is so FUN!!! Even on the rough days I can name a dozen cute things he has done (regardless of him being a total tyrant from time to time). Here is a list of things Peyton LOVES right now: 1. Peyton Loves the Church Nursery : He is always the first kid into the nursery and the last to leave! He LOVES snack time, play time, singing time...ALL of it. Not to be the 'bragging' mom but I get told he is just the easiest/ greatest kid for the whole two hours. Sigh! Proud mom moment. 2. Peyton loves to RUN! He doesn't believe in walking! I power walk to keep up with him! 3. Peyton loves to 'empty' the dishwasher. I can only keep plastic dishes in the dishwasher at all only took two broken glasses to put this plastic only rule into place. 4. Peyton doesn't have a a special blanket or a special stuffed animal like some kids. Peyton has a 'special' book. He loves going to bed with his book and he carries it around and 'reads' it all day long. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen. 5. Peyton LOVES to build 'sculptures'. Basically he takes everything out of the dishwasher and strategically places it on the tv stand. He thinks he is SO funny/ creative when he does this. 6. Peyton loves to do mommy assisted summersaults. 7. Peyton loves to 'play' video games with dad with his very own (unplugged) x-box controller. This kid is just the cutest.

Monday, October 21, 2013


First Halloween and Second Halloween!
Baby Dragon! Watch out he may or may not blow fire and smoke at yah!
Oh my how that little guy has grown! Like a (cute) weed.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photography Play Time Sneak Peak

Could these be any more G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S? And these aren't even the real deal by the photographer (Nadia from Soulfire Studios) they were just snap shots by my makeup artist. Can't wait to post the final product!!!

Has anyone EVER seen me with my hair down?

I don't even recognize myself!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Cookies, Cupcakes, and Sprinkles Oh my!!!

Is it just me? Or do mom's spend a lot of time in the kitchen?


Peyton and I both at six months! I guess he is officially my kid!

Nap Time

This kid is a party animal all morning long...until he snuggles up, cuddles mom and passes out. Love him.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Who knew this little guy....
Would turn into this crazy turkey?

We Party Rock...

Enough said. This kid is a party animal.

Rad Vacations 2013

Aaron is boss. He works his tail off. And thus, I, the cute wife...reap all the benefits. Before he started his residency to specialize the office he was practicing at sent him to Cabo San Lucas as a reward for his hard work. Lucky for me I got to be his plus one. Peyton was well looked after by Grandma and Grandpa (and an Uncle) Radmall while we lived it up in Mexico. Our next vacation was to Naples, Florida. This time the little guy tagged along with us. Aaron's sister was graduating (yahoo!) from CRNA school so we had a blast celebrating and spending lots of time at the beach (naturally). Peyton and Aaron even got to hold an alligator! We are so lucky to have such great excursions!

Peyton's First Birthday

The little man is now a one year old! That kid is just the cutest bundle of energy and joy. I'm sure lucky to be his mom. Love the decorations I made! Gotta love pinterest for some inspiration.

Cutest Family

I just adore my family. I am so blessed to have these boys in my life.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Radmall Update!

Wow! A ton has happened with our family since the last time I was on here! Peyton is just a few days shy of turning one. That was a FAST year! Oh by the way we moved!!! H-E-L-L-O Lucky Kentucky! Aaron started his periodontic residency last week and if I do say so myself he is one cute resident! So proud of him! Peyton gets more and more adorable everyday. Right now his favorite thing to do is give kisses and MOVE A-L-L D-A-Y long. His least favorite thing to do is go into his room because he thinks if he goes in there it is bedtime. Ha! His favorite food is eggs. He also loves guacamole and greek yogurt. Peyton is the FASTEST crawler the world has probably ever seen. The other day Aaron and I took him to the Churchill Downs horse races and as fast as those horses were...Peyton could have probably beat them with his speed. Walking is not something he seems interested in, but why would he be when he is such a master crawler? He loves to have mom and dad read stories to him. The only time he sits still is for story time. He also likes to flip through books and babble as if he is reading to me. He loves his baby sign language and Baby Einstein movies. He saw fireworks for the first time last night and again today for the Fourth of July. He initially squeezed me really tight when he heard the loud booms but once he realized he was safe he relaxed and stared in awe of the beautiful show.